O talento de Allegra Rosenberg

Ouvi falar dessa guriazinha ruiva no podcast do Doctor Uai, e de fato a menina tem talento! Allegra Rosenberg tem 15 anos, mora em Chicago e não tem nada pra fazer da vida além de estudar, então começou a compor canções com temática whovian. O negócio já tem até nome técnico: Time Lord Rock, ou simplesmente trock, cujo maior expoente é a banda Chameleon Circuit.

No melhor estilo “uma câmera na mão e um violão”, a menina consegue passar aquela vibe bonitinha e fofa que você vê no vídeo abaixo (pode acompanhar com a letra):

The River Song (Ahn? Ahn?)

This is a song about a girl from the future
When they met in the Library
she thought the Doctor knew her

But he didnt; she was disappointed
she thought she could trust
him, but he was much too young
and this all happened because

This is a song about River Song
Her and the Doctor have a storied and long
history, but it’s all a mystery
We all wonder who she could be
We just don’t know

This is a song about how River’s in reverse
to the Doctor’s timeline, and oh how it hurts
To see him getting younger
while she’s getting older
and he doesn’t remember all of the times they’ve had

But spoilers abound
the Silence is all around
She opens up her diary, take a look
What kind of secrets are in that old blue book

This is a song about River Song
Stonehenge, the Angels, and now Utah
and the Library
She doesn’t know that she’ll die, you see
and we don’t know her identity
there’s so many possibilities

This is a song about a girl who
is always on top, she knows what to do
She’s got a gun and she’s not afraid to use it

But the Doctor told her his name
Her life will never be the same
She’s only got herself to blame
for being swept away

This is the song about River Song
Her and the Doctor have such a long
history, but it’s mostly a mystery
We have no idea who she could be